Commercial Cluster



FORGES TARDIEU is a long-established supplier in Mauritius for semi-finished steel products such as steel plates, sheets, pipes and sections, and our activities are fast expanding in the region and Africa. We are also a preferred supplier for plumbing and as firefighting contractors, as well as in terms of the construction, building and roofing industries.


Industrial Fittings & Accessories


At FORGES TARDIEU, We use the most versatile metal fabrication equipment, along with advanced production and control technologies, to provide a comprehensive range of industrial fittings and accessories. Projects undertaken by our workshops include carbon steel and stainless steel custom-made parts, tanks, sugar equipment, frames as well as pipes and fittings.


Garage Equipment


FORGES TARDIEU services and supplies a large range of garage equipment and tooling that are best suited to your organisation’s specifications and requirements. We also offer a full installation service as well as maintenance and training to assist you in operating your equipment safely and efficiently, so as to maximise the profitability of your investment.


Welding and Accessories


The FORGES TARDIEU Welding Equipment and Accessories Division is a major supplier of welding machines, electrodes and welding accessories in Mauritius. We provide a wide range of premium quality consumables and accessories, including protective equipment for welders, air treatment equipment and welding gases such as argon and ATAL.


Engineering Plastics


FORGES TARDIEU also specialises in the supply of engineering plastics products such as joints, gaskets, guides, oil seals, hydraulic packing, scrappers, wheels, bushings and rollers made from polypropylene, polyurethane and food grade plastics, for a wide range of applications. We have the expertise, machinery and technology required to deliver excellent quality products that are engineered to suit our clients’ requirements.




Asia represents the most competitive sourcing option for clients who are looking for the best value for money solution. FORGES TARDIEU has a well-established procurement office in China, offering a complete sourcing and quality control service to ensure timely and smooth delivery of orders in accordance with client requirements. We are a reliable buying house for airport equipment, building materials, civil works projects, food products and steel transformation equipment, among others. We are also a strong platform with significant experience in terms of sourcing and supplying a range of commodities and equipment from Africa.




FORGES TARDIEU develops and deploys integrated instrumentation solutions to significantly improve sugar factory operations. We have the required technological know-how and engineering expertise as well as a strong, cross-functional team of engineers, designers and project managers. We continually work towards providing an integrated palette of services and systems while coordinating human and technical resources for the efficient completion of different projects. Our clients thus benefit from labour savings, energy efficiency, improved reliability of operations and enhanced security, among others.