Other Industries

Other Industries


Boiler Installation & Maintenance


Through active contribution to the implementation of energy cogeneration programmes in Mauritius, FORGES TARDIEU has developed sound expertise in the supply, installation and maintenance of boilers. Such programmes can be replicated in most sugar-producing countries on the African continent with valuable sharing of experiences and opportunities for training, given the variety of power plants in terms of capacities, operating pressures and degrees of sophistication linked with plant efficiency.


Conveyor Belts


Using advanced automated processes, FORGES TARDIEU produces conveyor belts of any width and length in accordance with our clients’ requirements. Our custom-made and stock conveyor belts and accessories include a vast array of agricultural and food processing as well as mining and printing applications.


Automation and Process Controls


FORGES TARDIEU delivers all the equipment, services and systems required in monitoring and controlling processes and automation, that affect efficient manufacturing. Digital control of variable process parameters will allow better decision support, downtime analysis and drastically reduce human-related errors while achieving significant savings in operational costs and enhancing plant safety, thus improving the overall profitability of your production processes.