Research & development

Manufacturing (Local & overseas)

Methodology services

Factory erection & installation

Oil & Gas terminal erection & installation

Piping installation

Process control automation

Process instrumentation

Electrical engineering

Mechanical engineering

Distillery and ethanol plants

Cogeneration and energy production

Specialised man power placement

Procurement services

Design services

Consultancy services

Project management

Sugar factory management

Oil & gas terminal management

Equipment design

Water & waste water treatment

Swimming pool management

Building Management Systems

Trading in engineering equipments

Supply of laboratory equipment

Fountains & ponds

Irrigation systems

Swimming pools

Wellness equipments

Capital leverage

Investments in sugar / oil & gas related operations and companies

Agricultural feasibility studies

Green field development projects

Brown field development projects

Irrigation selection and design, optimizing water resources and power

Outgrower schemes, structures and cane payment systems

Part of the above services are performed in collaboration with selected partners in Africa